Club Mixed Doubles League

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The league will be structured vertically, with divisions consisting of 3 couples. The number of divisions will be determined by the total number of couples wanting to take part (eg. 12 couples = 4 divisions). Each couple plays the other couples in their division once, in a two week period. At the end of the two week period, the top couple are promoted and the bottom couple relegated. The next round of games then starts over again, with the new divisions.
The League will start on Monday 12th April and run to Sunday 20th June. This will allow for 10 rounds of matches to be completed.



• Open to all Members (over 14 years old) who have paid their subs for the 2021/22 season
• Players can enter with a partner or on their own and be paired up (by pulling names “out of a hat”). Couples will be fixed for the duration of the League
• The initial “seeding” of the Divisions will be decided by Steve Temple & Geoff Bullock (the Administrators!)
• There are no match fees.

Arranging matches:

• Couples to arrange matches between themselves, in the two week period, reserving court time via the Club’s court booking system
• Couples to supply their own tennis balls
• Failure to fulfil a match in the two week period will result in zero points for both couples

Scoring and Results Submission:

• Matches to consist of 2 sets with a tie-breaker
• Results to be submitted via the group WhatsApp, as soon as possible after the match
• Results will be updated on the Club website, and the new Divisions published by Monday morning at the start of the next round of matches
• Couples with most points promoted, least relegated. Where the number of points are equal, decision based on games won. Toss of a coin after that!