League Teams - 2017

IT Sports York and District Mixed Tennis League

1st Team - Division 4
2nd Team - Division 6
3rd Team - Division 8
4th Team - Division 9

Fulford Ladies Invitation League

A Team - Division 4
B Team - Division 7

Tyke Petroleum Men's Tennis League

1st Team - Division 2
2nd Team - Division 4


Mixed, Ladies and Boy's friendly matches are played during the year against other clubs at both league and non-league levels.

League Results 2016

Mixed 1st Team - 7th, relegated to Division 4
Mixed 2nd Team - 8th, relegated to Division 6
Mixed 3rd Team - 5th, remain in Division 8
Mixed 4th Team - 2nd, promoted to Division 9
Ladies A Team - 7th, relegated to Division 4
Ladies B Team - 7th, relegated to Divison 7
Men's 1st Team - 2nd, promoted to Division 2
Men's 2nd Team - 6th, remain in Division 4

Team Selection

The mixed teams are selected by committee made up of the Chair, fixtures secretary and captains from each of the four teams. The captains from the preceeding season attend the initial selection meeting where the current captains are selected from the available nominations. Once the season is underway, the selection committee meets each week.

The ladies teams operate in a similar fashion with the selection committee meeting each week.

The men's teams operate slightly differently, with teams provisionally assigned to each match at the start of the season.